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Course Outline

The dental assistant program from Dental Careers Institute in South Portland, Maine, is divided into two segments: the dental assistant course and the radiology course. As you work through the coursework, you will have the opportunity to work chairside at our associate clinic, helping you gain valuable, real work experience. The students who make the effort to study earnestly and learn voraciously have an excellent chance of obtaining a position in the dental profession as a chairside assistant. Contact us now for registration details.

Course Structure

The first portion, the dental assistant course, takes place on 10 consecutive Saturdays. The radiology course is then scheduled for the next five consecutive Saturdays, totaling 15 weeks of instruction. Your morning lecture will be followed by an afternoon of clinical hands-on training, so you can use all of the equipment, instruments, and materials you learned about in the morning. A syllabus containing notes on all lecture materials are provided to heighten the classroom experience and eliminate excessive notetaking, so you can focus on learning instead of writing.

I. Dental Theory & Terminology
a. Dental & Oral Anatomy & Tooth Numbering System
B. Instrument Nomenclature & Identification for All Aspects of General Dentistry
C. Dental Terminology
D. Equipment Operation, Chair Positioning, & Assistant Equipment Usage

II. Four-Handed Dental Assisting
A. Instrument Transfer, Chairside Assistant, & Suctioning Techniques
B. Chairside Doctor, Patient, & Assistant Positions
C. Tub & Tray Systems
D. Use of Instruments & Materials in Assisting for

• Operative Dentistry
• Oral Surgery
• Crown & Bridge
• Endodontics
• Periodontics
• Pedodontics
• Orthodontics

E. Handpiece, Bur, & Instrument Delivery & Maintenance

III. Radiology
A. X-Ray Theory & Technique, Use of RINN(Tm) Holders, & Other Methods
B. Intraoral, Bitewing, Panoramic, & Endodontic Exposure Methods
C. Developing X-Rays Using the Automatic Processor
D. Darkroom Care & Maintenance
E. X-Ray Safety & Precautions

IV. Impressions & Model Trimming
A. Impression Materials, Practice in Their Use, & Alginate Mixing
B. Wax Bites, Counter Impressions, & Alginate Study Model Practicing
C. Model Pouring & Trimming

V. Sterilization Techniques
A. Sterilization Theory, Terminology, & Autoclave Operation
B. Instrument & Equipment Sterilization
C. Treatment Room Disinfection & Asepsis Techniques
D. OSHA Regulations

Course Schedule

• General Introduction to Terminology & Equipment
• Radiology: Theory, Safety Procedures, & Practice of Intraoral & Extra Oral X-Ray Techniques
• Oral Diagnosis: Treatment Planning, Dental Records, & Risk Management
• Four-Handed Dentistry: Aspiration, Instrument Transfer, Isolation (Dry Field), Local Anesthesia, Patient Positioning,
  Handpiece Maintenance Methods, & Infection Control Methodology
• Operative (Restorative) Dentistry: Amalgam & Composite Restorations, Cosmetic Bonding, Tub & Try Systems, & Sterilizations Methods
• Impressions, Cements & Liners, Model Trimming & General Lab Work
• Crown & Bridge Assisting, Temporary Restorations, & Impression Materials
• Endodontic Instruments, Materials, & Procedures
• Supplemental Techniques; Panorex & Four-Handed Dentistry Review
• Pedodontic Assisting, Resume Writing, Interview Essentials, & Course Review
• Graduation & Certificate & Pin Awards